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Residential Air Conditioning System in Fairfax Station VA

HOMEOWNERS YOU MUST PAY ATTENTION:  The one thing that has to be frustrating to a homeowner is having a new HVAC system that doesn’t produce, and for that reason we have come up with 7 questions for you to ask a residential HVAC contractor before they install a new system!

These 7 questions are key for you to ask before you get a quote to ensure that you are spending your money correctly.

We have seen on a daily basis that homeowners like yourself obtain a company to change your heating and air conditioner system that has no business doing that installation.  Typically, they will reel you in with a low price, they are not honest about their capabilities and their experience, and in fact overcharge you for the lack of quality work that they do when they install a new HVAC system.  In the effort of trying to save a few thousand dollars you will end up spending much more by either having to change the system before you should of, or you will end up having an endless amount of service calls.

Here at FairfaxCountyHVAC.com we will make sure that your HVAC team will install a system that gives you true comfort and will be installed in such a way that will expand your energy savings, give you a system that will have a lengthy life.  We can do this because our contractors have been professionally schooled, has the upmost of industry knowledge and years of experience.


We realize that you might think that you can get a great HVAC system for a cheap price, but we beg you to think about that for a second.  If you are considering a new system then that means your old system isn’t working anymore and if it is still working then chances are you are having a ton of problems with it, are we correct?

If you are looking for a system that is going to just simply cool or heat your home then go ahead and be cheap, however, if you are looking for a system that is smart, {efficient|economical| and will give you ultimate comfort then be willing to spend a little more.  If you want a system that will get rid of annoying rooms and uncomfortable temperature swings, offers perfect efficiency that helps you save money every month, less problems and last longer. 

Here’s the problem:

If you are concerned about spending more money more than quality, then it would be a fair bet to say that your heating and air conditioning system will not have excellent performance.  In fact, it might even fail early!  When this happens, it will be a big hindrance and it will be very expensive to either replace or repair the system.

If you ask the ensuing questions, you will end up not only having a better understanding of how an HVAC air conditioning and heating system works, you will have a good idea of who you want to hire to take on this enormous job.

Before I get to the questions here are a few questions not to ask, anybody can make up a good answer.

  1. How long have you been in business?
  2. How much will it cost?
  3. What are your guarantees?
  4. Can you show me testimonials?

Please don’t get us wrong, these questions aren’t awful, but these are just typical questions that anyone can ask, and the salesperson already has those answers memorized from when they took the training class.  You need to ask questions that they won’t predict!  This will help you understand that which company you can trust and also feel more relaxed to spend money with them!

Finally, the questions!

Question #1:  You have heeded my needs, what are you going to do to make sure that your recommendations will address them?

Once you start looking for a new system, you will need to know that {replacing your|getting a new| air conditioning and heating system is not just about taking the old system out and then replacing it with a new system.  Simply put, it is just not that simple.

Consider this, your system is no doubt about 15 years old!  The technology has changed quite a bit since the last HVAC system was put in, and just like computers, the demand for a new one to work has changed.  In addition, local codes have changed too.  Think about how technology comprehensively has changed over the last 15 years from cars, computers, and yes HVAC too!  With HVAC, you have more choices to choose from, so you want to ensure that the HVAC company that you choose is up to date on all the latest features. 

You will cross paths with companies that will give you a quote right over the phone, which is ridiculous!  Although, they might come to your home and give you a quote after being there for a short period of time.  You need to make yourself conscious of these practices, chances are that they will probably end up swapping out your old unit with one of their old units.  If the HVAC contractor or salesperson doesn’t take the time needed to collect the information before giving you a quote in writing, the result could mean that you get a system that is the wrong size.  This is SHOCKING!  When you install a residential HVAC system and it is the wrong size that will make your system struggle and that will reduce the life of the system.  Also, if the company that installs the wrong system is willing to do horrible work you will end up spending a ton of money on repairs and maintenance as well.  If you feel that eventually you will end up putting your house up for sale, you won’t be able to sell it until you put in a new one.  The moral of the story is that you shouldn’t worry about saving a few thousand dollars, it will cost you more in the long run.

If you want to make sure that the money you are spending is being spent correctly, make sure that the quote and advice are formed through knowledge of the HVAC industry.



This is very important!

Most HVAC companies and organizations use sales people who typically have no background in the HVAC business.  Typically, they are trained in a classroom environment, but the majority of the training is geared more around sales and not specifically focused about HVAC systems.  The salesperson has been trained to present you with a proposal that will impress you, but in the end, they will try to get you to sign and if you do, you will be agreeing to a quote who is not an HVAC contractor or expert.  If you do this, you will expose yourself to having a system installed that is the wrong size, an incomplete system improper system, which some day will lead to a system failure.  Proper sizing and installations are by far the most important factor to making sure you get the most out of your system.

Energy Star has said that almost half of all the air conditioning and heating systems that are installed have been done so inadequately.  Other studies of systems for residential use have shown that most of the installations were also done incorrectly and here are the reasons that were cited:

  • 72% of installed heating and air systems were improperly sized
  • 68% of installed air conditioning systems were not charged correctly
  • 70% of new installed systems did not have adequate airflow to support efficiency performance
  • 91% were not tested for combustion safety and efficiency




This question is tied back to the prior questions, but it also takes the questioning further, this is where we get into the specifics of the installation.

There is not a shortage of manufacturers that sell cooling and heating equipment, and typically a manufacturer is going to give you a option of different models.  To be truthful, all brands have different options that will cool and heat your home.  Where the main variables lie are is the features of a residential HVAC system, for example, noise level, efficiency, indoor air quality enhancement amongst other features.  Obviously, air conditioning and heating is not a system where one system for one house will work completely the same for another home, it is impossible for any manufacturer to meet those needs.

Seldom will you find a residential HVAC contractor only carry the line of one manufacturer because they will naturally be limited in the choices that they have to offer.  When you come across a contractor who only has one manufacturer they are limited in the choices that they have for you as compared to a contractor that offers numerous lines of manufacturers.  If you are talking to a company that has multiple lines you want to double check their licensing from each manufacturer to certify that they are up to date on all of the latest technologies for each individual brand.

The 4th question you need to ask!

Most people overlook this question.

When you start obtaining quotes from multiple residential HVAC companies you are going to observe that all the quotes are going to look alike.  The truth is though, most of them are more than likely very different.  The imperative thing to remember is not what the quote says, but what it doesn’t say, that is the most important thing when it comes to getting a quote.

What you want to pay attention to is that if the quote says that the old components are going to be replaced when the new system is put in.  Components such as, dampers, connectors, valves, pipes, fittings and safety switches.  The safety switches connect to the equipment and if it isn’t updated for the new specifications then you could be in danger.  Make sure that you get in writing that all these components will be replaced, if they are not it could possibly lead to an expensive system failure and could turn into a massive headache for you and your family.

If you get a quote that is stated in specific detail that has a thorough overview of the installation to not just have the cost of the installation, the components, along with a written guarantee and all necessary warranty information then that could be a safe quote.  However, if it doesn’t have all of that and the the needed information for obtaining permits from Fairfax Station VA, then chances are the company that provides left out details in a quote will do a disastrous job for you.

Please don’t forget that although it is important to consider cost, understand that the distinction between the lowest quote and the leading quote in the long run will only mean pennies.  You should consider the long-term cost savings that you will enjoy by having a properly installed HVAC system.

And your 5th question!

It is critical to know what your warranty covers, so the glaring question is, what does the guarantee cover?

When you start dealing with companies, typically, they are concentrated on selling you, and they focus on price with the hopes that the perception is that the company will appeas your needs if you pay the price that they quote you.  Often, the contract will only have what the equipment is and what they will furnish.  Do not think for a second that the contract that they presented isn’t written mainly to protect them, frequently written by a company attorney who has the sole job of defending the company.  Because of that the components of the work can be somewhat blurred and that includes the warranty.

When you analyze the warranty (BEFORE YOU SIGN), you will typically see a manufacturer’s warranty which is put in place purely to make you feel at ease about the agreement.  These warranties are ordinarly not covered and never imply to your protection when it comes to the installation of your HVAC system and if you are fully gratified.

What you need to insist on is a guarantee and not just the manufacturer’s warranty but an installation warranty.  Most HVAC companies will not put something in writing, which gives you no way to insulate your investment.  If they have a so called 100% guarantee normally it is vague and never in writing in the agreement.  Typically, it is a verbal or some generic statement on a website.


It is difficult to believe but there are companies that are putting in heating and air conditioning systems not having a license, this is fascinating to us!  If you employ someone that is not licensed, you could be exposing your family and your home value at risk

If you want to find out if they are licensed, simply asking is not going to be enough.  If you feel a little uncomfortable about a company, you want to take the necessary steps to confirm that they do have a license.  You want to ask to see a copy of their license, confirm that the license is current with the state of Virginia and that it covers the work that you are reviewing.

If the contractor wants to apply and get the necessary permits to finish the work on your house they will have to provide proof of licensing.  If a contractor tries to convince you that getting permits are not critical then don’t let them get away with that.  It is required to get a permit and have an inspection as well, this is also important for your safety.  If you do not have the necessary permits and the installation doesn’t pass the inspection, then you will end up having to pay for the repairs with no way of going back to the person that installed your HVAC system.

Without having an insurance policy available, you will not be able to cover yourself and will expose yourself to liability of losses while a contractor is working at your home.

If you want to cover yourself, then you must demand on having proper insurance and we are not talking about from the contractor but also with your homeowner policy as well.  You need to do whatever you can to guard yourself and if there is an accident that causes a serious injury or some property harm you might be responsible.  Make sure your policy includes workers compensation and enough liability insurance to protect all involved.

Proper insurance PROTECTS not only the contractor and their employees but YOU as well, if there is an accident leading to bodily injury or property damage that happens while they are on your job site. If a contractor doesn’t have insurance (or not enough) in place, you, the homeowner, could be held LIABLE. The policy should include workmen’s compensation and liability and in amounts high enough to protect everyone.

We are Finally here! Question #7

So, you have gone through this whole process, now what happens after the installation?

Do you recall way back at the second question where we talked about those consumer reports?  You know, it was about the equipment for your heating and air conditioning.  If you recall, they thought that 60-65% of how the equipment will execute and how long that the HVAC system will run and 20% is all about the design and who the manufacturer is.  The rest of that goes to how well you maintain your own system.  After the system is installed, you really need to have proper maintenance, it is important that you consistently have your HVAC system serviced so you can get the most out of it.

You need to care for your residential HVAC system like you treat your car!  Regular maintenance is the key to longevity, and just like you get your car a tune up, so it keeps running efficiently you need to have the same approach about your system.  If you want to save your warranty you need to make sure to have the system maintained.  So, do yourself a favor and schedule a regular maintenance call on your system about once a year and if you suddenly hear your system making a weird noise, don’t kick it, pick up the phone and schedule a maintenance call.

WHEW that took forever to write but we hope you got something out of it!

We don’t just do residential HVAC we also do commercial as well.  Here are the cities we service for commercial HVAC.